Benefits of Hula Hooping

A Hula Hoop Workout is a great way for you to keep fit. Here are some of the benefits that you can gain from using a Weighted Hula Hoop for exercise and some great reasons to get hooping now!...

  • Weighted Hula Hoops will help you BURN MORE CALORIES than traditional Hoops because they make you work harder.
  • The Weighted Hula Hoop can AID WEIGHT LOSS.
  • A Weighted Hula Hoop is surprisingly a lot easier to use than a light Hoop. If you've tried the ordinary hoop and couldn't get the hang of it, give one of these a go!
  • Hula hooping can help you STRENGTHEN and TONE your ABDOMINAL MUSCLES helping you to improve your SHAPE and giving you that FIRM TUMMY that you've always wanted.
  • By Hula Hooping, you're improving the FLEXIBILITY in your hips and it LOOSENS up your spine.
  • Hula Hooping is FUN! Keeping fit isn't about long workouts that you find boring - it's about finding something that turns you on! If you love to Hoola, you'll keep it up, IMPROVE YOUR STAMINA, look better and feel great!
  • Hula Hoops aren't just for girls and women. Men and boys love them too so you can get the whole family involved.
  • You can listen to your favourite MUSIC while Hooping. What could be better!
  • Weighted Hula Hoops aren't expensive. Hula Hooping is a CHEAP form of exercise - no gym memberships and no expensive sportswear are required.
  • You can Hula Hoop in the privacy of your own home so you don't need to feel self-conscious. Of course, once you've got the hang of it and have learnt a few of the tricks, which I'm sure you will, you may want to take it to the park to show off!
  • There are DVDs available to Hoola Hoop along to so you can learn by watching which is the best way! In fact, some Hula Hoops come with their own DVD (check out our Online UK Hula Hooping DVD Shop)
  • Last but not least, Hula Hooping makes you FEEL GOOD!

If that's convinced you that Hula Hooping could be for you, take a look at our Online UK Hula Hoop Shop where we have a great range of weighted hula hoops for sale...