How to Hula Hoop - for Beginners

We're going to teach you How to Hula Hoop. This fun form of exercise has become the new fitness craze recently, and it's not surprising as it is so much fun and really does make you feel fantastic! Believe it or not, you can burn up to 100 calories in ten minutes of hula hooping! Men, women and kids can take part so get the whole family involved!

First, you should ensure that you are prepared - that you have your hoop, you're dressed appropriately and you have enough space to exercise. For some tips before you begin the actual Hula Hooping itself, take a look at What You Need to Begin Hooping.... Then you're ready to start.

Starting to Hula Hoop

As a beginner, you need to work out which way (to the left or right) is most comfortable for you to Hula. Eventually, you'll learn how to Hula Hoop both ways but it's best to start with whatever feels most natural for you.

Put the Hula Hoop around your waist and hold it so that it rests against your back.

Hold on to the hoop around your middle, then place one foot (your dominant foot) in front of the other.

Spin your hoop to the left, trying to keep it around your waist. If this feels unnatural, try it the other way around. You may find spinning your hoop to the right feels a lot easier.

You need to give the hoop a good hard push to get it spinning without dropping to the floor. Move your weight back and forth on your feet and try to keep the hoop rotating on your waist.

Try to feel the hoop as it spins around your waist. As you feel it on your tummy, push forwards and when you feel it roll against your back, push back.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that it's their upper body that keeps the hula hoop spinning, but the spin should come from the knees and ankles, so it's essential to keep bending your knees and to keep your ankles relaxed.

Learning how to Hula Hoop may take some practice but if you keep trying, you'll get there and then you can start having lots of fun with it. At that stage you'll be able to progress to more advanced Hula Hooping.

The following "Hula Hoop Basics" video will help you get started...

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