Weighted Hula Hoop Questions and Answers

How do you Hula Hoop?

Using a hula hoop is a lot easier than you might think. Take a look at our "How to Hula Hoop" page for a detailed explanation on how to hula hoop. We also have a hooping video there too which makes it a lot easier to follow! There are also some instructional DVDs in our Hula Hoop Shop which will demonstrate the art of Hula Hooping together with some great music and hula hoop workouts

Where Can I buy Hula Hoops for Exercise?

We have a great selection of hula hoops for exercise on this website. The best hula hoops for exercise and fitness are the weighted hoops and we have a huge selection of those at the best prices. Visit our Weighted Hula Hoops for Sale page and you won't be disappointed!

How do I choose Which Hula Hoop is Right for Me?

Weighted hula hoops come in different weights and sizes. The heavier ones will go slower but will give you a harder workout. If you're just starting out, you'd be best to go for the lighter weighted hoops - but don't confuse these with the traditional light hoops that children play with!

To determine what size hoop to buy, you need to measure from your tummy button to the floor - try to find a hoop that has that measurement or one up to a couple of inches larger.

How Much Space do I Need to Hula Hoop?

What you need to consider is the size of the hoop so take that measurement into account and bear in mind that it will be rotating around your waist in every direction - so you need a decent sized room to give you freedom to move. If you have a garden, that's a fantastic place to practice hooping as you won't be so restricted!

Are There Any Hula Hoop Classes

Yes! Due to the rising popularity of Hula Hooping, there are classes cropping up all over the country! They're a great way to meet other like minded people, make new friends, have fun and workout! You'll learn some great new moves and become a far more accomplished hooper!

How Much do Weighted Hula Hoops Cost?

The cost of hula hoops can vary. They start at around £12 and go up to over £100 for some LED hula hoops. But most people spend between £18 and £28 for a hoop.

What Different Kinds of Hula Hoop Can I Buy?

Weighted Hula Hoops come in many variations. Some can be taken apart and packed away which is useful if you don't have anywhere to put a large hoop or if you want to take it to a hula hoop class or the park.

LED Hula Hoops are more expensive but fantastic if you want to get into Hula Hoop Dancing - they're very impressive in a darkened room as they light up as they move!

Arm Hoops are also great for dancing and many hoop dancers put together hooping routines that incorporate these hoops.

Some hula hoops are padded to make them more comfortable around your waist. This is probably more important with more weighty hoops. Others have massage balls to act on those muscles they come into contact with and some have magnets to improve vitality and energy.