Jessica Ennis Weighted Hula Hoop

Jessica Ennis, a top British athlete in track and field, has abs that would make any woman envious! She famously won a gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics in the heptathlon and has now brought out a whole range of exercise equipment (including her weighted hula hoop) designed specifically for women which can help you gain fitness and lose weight.

Jessica Ennis Exercise Equipment for Women

As well as the Jessica Ennis Weighted Hula Hoop, other exercise equipment available in this range include a treadmill, dumbells, magnetic exercise bike, foam body balance roller and several other items which are all great for overall fitness. These can be purchase at Argos.

Jessica Ennis Weighted Hula Hoop for Core Muscles

To achieve toned abs like those of Jessica, you need to train your core muscles. Working out your core muscles will strengthen and tone them to give you more definition and reduce excess weight in this region.

Using a weighted Hula Hoop is not just fun but an effective way of toning up your abs and back. If you've always dreamed of gaining a flat, sculpted stomach, exercising with a Hula Hoop as part of an exercise workout regime will help you realise your goal. Because it's weighted, 1.36 kg, it will help you lose weight because it will make you work harder.

Hula Hooping is Fun!

If you're worried that it will be too difficult to master, because of its size, you needn't worry. The large hula hoops, like this one, revolve slower around the waist which makes it easier to use than the smaller versions, so you'll find that you pick it up a lot quicker than you might think!

Turn up the music and exercise with a smile because hula hooping is one of those workouts you simply can't do with one of those painful expressions you might use in some workouts! It's enjoyable and gets those positive energies flowing while improving your tone and burning calories.

So, have a go, and get your friends to join in too! There's nothing quite as fun as a girlie Hula party!

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Jessica Ennis Weighted Hula Hoop

Jessica Ennis Weighted Hula Hoop

Diameter 108cm. It helps to trim and tone abdominal and lower back muscles. Easy to assemble. Foam padded. Weight 1.36kg.