Hula Hoops for Kids

It's important to get kids moving and exercising when so much time these days is spent in front of the TV, playing video games and eating for convenience.

Children always have loads of energy, but if this isn't channelled somewhere, it can cause disruption at home and in the classroom. Sitting in front of a computer screen can make them dozy and lethargic and spending too much time in front of a video game can make them irritable and agitated.

Hula Hoops are Cheap to Buy!

Kids love to hula and it's a cheap piece of kit to purchase for them (scroll down to buy kids hula hoops in our shop), especially when you consider how much they'll get out of it. Boys love it as much as girls, and if they can also persuade their friends to get hula hoops, they can compete with each other to see who can keep their hoop up longest, learn new tricks and generally get their bodies fit while having fun.

If they can play some of their favourite music while they exercise, so much the better - they'll probably keep that hoop spinning for even longer.

Hula hooping is a real "feel good" exercise so you'll probably find it will lift their mood and they will be more amenable too! Remember, the weighted hula hoops are easier to use but you can also buy the traditional lighter hula hoops which are cheaper. Don't forget to buy one for yourself while you're there!

Hula Hoop Parties for Kids

How about a themed "Hula Hoop Party" for kids. You could get them to come to the party dressed up in Hawaiian fancy dress and teach them all too hula hoop with some fantastic dance music. This is a great idea for 8-11 year olds and a lot cheaper than hiring a DJ or taking them all out to the cinema!

You can buy bundles of kids hula hoops at low prices in our store so they all have a hoop to dance with. Instead of supplying party bags when they leave, they can take their hoop with them. Isn't that so much easier than finding all the bits you need for the party bags!

Check out our "Kids Hula Hoop Shop" below!