LED Hula Hoops

With Hula Hoops becoming increasingly popular, we're looking at even more fun ways to use our hoops! The LED Hula Hoop adds a further dimension that gives an amazing colourful light display while you hoola!

LED Hula Hoops for Hoop Dancing

Weighted LED hula hoops are a great choice of hoop if you are a hoopdancer or are thinking of taking up hoop dancing.

The three LED hula hoops shown below are all 100cm in diameter and weigh 600g. They are foldable so you can take carry them around with ease. However, you shouldn't leave them in the folded position for too long as this can damage the lights. These hula hoops are perfect for adults as well as older kids too.

Batteries for these weighted hula hoops are replaceable so your hula hoop will keep going for as long as you can!

Fantasy LED Hula Hoop

The Fantasy LED Hula Hoop is the cheapest in this range of dance hoops. It has 10 bright LEDs including 5 white lights and 5 purple ones. The hoop itself is in a purple colour that matches the lights.

Blaze LED Hula Hoop

With 15 LED lights, the Blaze LED Hula Hoop looks amazing when in action. 5 lights are blue, 5 are green and the other 5 are slow-changing lights. Again, the tape that covers the hoop matches the lights.

Euphoria LED Hula Hoop

The top LED Hula Hoop in this range Euphoria is the ultimate LED Hula Hoop With 20 lights in many different colours, you'll be able to entertain with a truly spectacular light show and give an amazingly colourful performance.