Powerhoop is one of the brands of excellent quality weighted hula hoops that are available on the market.

Powerhoop is the Perfect Travel Hoop

One of the great aspects of the Powerhoop is that they dismantle which makes them perfect for travelling with, taking them to the park, beach, hula hooping classes or wherever you like to hoop.

This also means that they're easy to store, taking up a lot less room than one that you can't take apart.

Powerhoop is Available in Different Weights

The Powerhoop comes in different weights so you can buy whichever weight you're comfortable with and work up to a heavier hoop when you're ready.

There is also one available that is suitable for children so you can get your kids hula hooping with you too! It's a great way for them to keep fit.

Powerhoop is Padded for Comfort

Sometimes, as a beginner, you may get minor bruising from using a typical plastic weighted hula hoop. But with Powerhoop, this is less likely because they have a thick layer of padding which makes it comfortable to use and reduces your chances of getting sore when you're just starting out.

Designed to Give Great Abs!

The Powerhoop also has a ridged interior which massages your abdomen, helping tighten up your abs and flatten your stomach, giving you a great core workout.

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