Weighted Hula Hoops for Sale

We have a wide range of Weighted Hula Hoops for sale, including Power Hoops, Travel Hula Hoops and Arm Hoops as well as Magnetic Hula Hoops which stimulate acupressure points giving you a massage during your workout.

They come in various sizes and weights depending on your capabilities and also your height. To find out what size Hula Hoop you should buy, take a look at "What You Need to Begin Hooping".

Some of these hoops also come with a DVD to show you the basics of hooping to get you started straight away. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced hooper or require it for hulaerobics or hoopdancing, you'll find one to suit you here.

Hooping is a great way to exercise your core muscles and tone those abs and it doesn't require any expensive gym membership either. All these hoops are very competitively priced so it's a very cheap but fun and effective way to workout and get your body in shape.

Don't forget to check out out Hula Hoop Instructional DVDs and our Hula Hoop Music!